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My name is Megan Cummings











I am also a daughter, wife, mother, and business owner. If you told me when I was a child, I would be speaking to a crowd of people I would have said “you have lost your mind!”. I would have even said that about a year ago.

Because If you knew me or knew who I had told myself I was when I was growing up, you would understand I had I had convinced myself I was not any of those things I had just mentioned.

When I was four my parents got divorced and I never saw my father. He abandoned me and my two sisters. Now when you go through something like that as a child you tell your self a lot of negative and untrue things like:






I told myself unconsciously this for almost 38 years. As a teenager I made lots of poor decisions because this is what I thought about myself. I drank alcohol, took drugs, had sex, had poor grades because I was never given any tools to help me through the most traumatic event in my life. Most of us aren’t. I learned how to cope by doing destructive things to myself and told myself to stay hidden.

I was a child who hardly ever spoke. This was another coping skill I taught myself. It was not very helpful or positive. I was afraid people would find out who I really was or what I had convinced myself was the truth about me. I taught myself to just stay in the background. This was also reinforced by a lot of people when I was young because would say to me “You are so good and quiet”. So, in my mind it was working, and I was protecting myself but what most people could not see was I was a child hurting on the inside and craving for love & attention.

By the time I was in my twenties I had built up my wall so high and I still was so unaware that I had even done this. From the outside I looked like I had a good life. I was married, had a good job, had a nice home and had two children but I was completely disconnected and felt like a robot living life. Everyday was the same and I didn’t feel much because I wouldn’t let myself. I had told myself I would never feel that kind of pain again that I felt from my father’s decision to not be a part of my life.

So many of us find unhealthy ways to cope in or lives because we were never taught healthy ways to face and deal with our traumas and our hurts. Almost all of us by the time we are eight have gone through something traumatic and hurtful that has formed a limited belief and most of us have tons of limiting beliefs. When you realize this, you realize our thoughts are so powerful. Now if you are like me and I would say most of you are, just different experiences, different circumstances, you are consistently beating yourself up with your thoughts and your words. You might not even be conscious that you are doing it, I wasn’t.

For some of you it might be thoughts like:








Your situation might be completely different, but I can almost guarantee you’re doing the same exact thing as I was in some form or fashion. Even the people who you think have it all together are doing this and what I’m here to tell you it’s just a negative limiting belief and a bad habit that you have created. Yes, a bad habit and just like you have created this, you can break it and start making and reinforcing a much more positive belief. I know because I did it and I didn’t learn these easy ways until I was in my late 30’s. I started using affirmations along with other things to create a much more joyful and positive life.

So, I have created what I'm calling “THE POWERFUL I AM EXPERIENCE”. I want to teach you and your kids how to use the "I AM" affirmation because everyone can do this, and it does not cost anything, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. I do use other modalities like vision boards, meditation, yoga, journaling, essential oils but I know not everyone has access to them, but everyone has access to this.

So, an affirmation is an action or process of affirming something. You can do this with the “I AM” statements. You can start this now and change your whole life. I want to help you create a new healthy and positive beliefs.

The first and most important step is AWARENESS! Awareness that you are doing this and that you can do something about it.

Second step is to create a positive I AM statement. I want you to dream big and dig deep. What is something you say to yourself that holds you back. Things like “I am not good enough, smart enough, beautiful, and so on.

My original I AM statement was “I AM AN INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER”

That was hard for me to say at first! Really hard, even just thinking it was hard because I did not believe it. And I’m still working on it because there is still a part of me that needs convincing and will be on my affirmation list for a while.

Even if you at first don’t believe what you are saying, I like to say “you can fake it to you make it and keep saying it until you feel something shift and feel how the way you say it starts to change.

So now I want you take your affirmation and dream even bigger! Mine turned into a combination of all the affirmations I was saying on their own. So, my BIG affirmation is:


I usually walk every morning and repeat my affirmations. I really try and get into the feeling of what I am saying. Even the hard ones eventually you will start to feel it and start to believe it.

Now my thought was not everyone walks in the morning but what does everyone do twice a day (or I hope you do at least twice a day) brush your teeth. So I want you to write out your affirmation or print out an image with it on it and put it on your bathroom mirror to remind you to think it or say it two times a day while you are brushing your teeth and I want you to do this for 21 days.

Now if you happen to think about your affirmation while you are in the shower, school bus, waiting in line you can just think it and keep affirming this new positive belief. Remember the universe will hear you and give you opportunities. For example if your affirmation is "I AM Confident" and opportunity will show up that scares you, it is your job to say "yes and show you are confident"

Let me tell you about my kid’s affirmations they made and what happened.

My 16-year-old daughters was

“I AM Creative, Powerful, Successful, Inspirational, Happy, Photographer & Artist”.

She did it for 21 days and in that 21 days she was offered several photography jobs and she scored an amazing final grade on her photography portfolio that she had worked on all school year.

My 13-year-old son, Hunter was

“I AM Amazing & Powerful Home Run Hitting Baseball Player”.

The first day he started doing it was a Tuesday and he had a baseball game. We went over what the Powerful I AM Experience was and he came up with his affirmation. He got up to bat and boy did he hit that ball! He made it to third base and his sister came walking up to his game when he hit! She was yelling to run home and said he could have made it. When he got back to the dugout, I walked up and just looked at him and said, “I AM?” and he said, “I KNOW”. After the game he told me he had said his affirmation right before he got up to bat. I told him this was only day one and to keep going. His next game he did the same thing. Unfortunately, are first base coach was not paying any attention and Hunter ran through first base and had no idea how far he had hit it. When he realized he started running again and made it to third. My husband was upset and said he could have made it home but something in me knew it was perfect and was part of the process why it did not happen.

The next game wound up being the worst game of the season for him. Struck out every time at bat and made simple errors in the field. My husband was upset and thought the affirmations were messing with his head but something in me said this is part of the process and I intuitively knew he unconsciously was self-sabotaging himself and the thought of how powerful your mind can be scary for some people. When I asked him this, he said yeah, it’s a little scary. I again told him to just keep going. Keep saying your affirmation. The next game came and had no idea what was going to happen. Was the fear going to take over? He must have worked it out because he got up to bat and hit the first homerun of his life! When he crossed home plate my husband turned around and just looked at me in amazement. One of the other mom’s knew that we were doing this and jumped out of her chair and screamed “I AM” it was unbelievable but also confirmation on how powerful our thoughts and mind are.

This is such an easy way to help improve your life and I hope you will give it a try. I wish someone had taught me things like this when I was younger, but I know everything happens for a reason and I hope that I have inspired and motivated you to try this.

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I know as a parent sometimes our kids phones (and ours) makes us cringe and want to throw them away but here is a great activity to do with your kids.

The other day I started scrolling through my photo's on my phone and it amazed me how much I have done this year. There were big highlights for me like starting Blue Spirit Kids and our family trip to England and France but there were so many other experiences that seem to slip my mind.

Our Family Trip to England & France this July

I had some random pictures that made me laugh. I took the kids to 7/11 for the free slurpee day and seeing this man eating his slurpee in a large popcorn bucket next to our car. Me & the kids laughed so hard I remember almost starting to cry. This was such a funny day and I can hear the laughter in my car just looking at this photo.

We have been lucky because every year my husband makes a photo book and gives it to me on Christmas day. We all sit around and spend a good amount of time going through the book of memories and every year someone says " I forgot about that or look how much we have done or grown this year."

This is one of my favorites of the year. This picture holds an array of different meanings for me. My daughter Kennedy took this photo of my son Hunter on the first day that we arrived in Pairs. Not only does is remind me how lucky we are that we could take our kids to Europe and how amazing our view was but it reminds me how much my daughter loves photography and it brings so much light to her life. It also captures Hunter perfectly. He loves robes. He wants to always be comfortable and loves the feeling of being wrapped up. It makes me smile to think of all the funny memories of him with his robe like the one time he had all his friends over and went upstairs and decided he was going to put his robe on while he was hanging out with his friends. This is when he got the nickname Hugh Hefner. If I let him I think he might want to wear his robe everywhere at this point in his life. It truly is amazing how one picture can bring up so many different memories and feelings.

December & January is a great time to plan and set goals for the future but also reflecting on the past year. If your kids have a phone encourage them to take lots of photos during the year. Take time to look back at all their photos or if they don't make sure you take lots of pictures to capture memories that sometimes will slip your mind. Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about the past year, the ups and the downs and the things they would like to improve on or change in the upcoming year. Ask them to pick their favorite one or two pictures of the year and tell you why they picked it. You could be really surprised!

Hy son, Hunter

Recently, while I was out running (yes, out running again) I was thinking about my son, Hunter. He will be turning thirteen next month and he is probably one of the most "living in the moment" person I know. He seems to not really worry about the past and doesn't seem to think about the future. As adults that might make you cringe a little and think that he needs to start setting goals at this age but if you met Hunter you might just say to yourself, I wish I could live that way for a moment. I'm sure there are times he thinks about the past or future but usually he just goes with the flow and seems happy in whatever he is doing.

Kennedy, Hunter and I were in the car the other day and I asked him this.

Me: Hunter, do you think about the future?

Hunter: No, not really.

Me: Do you think about the past?

Hunter: No, not really.

Kennedy: You don't think about what you want to do or have in the future? (her looking confused by his answers)

Hunter: No, not really. Only around Christmas time.

Kennedy: Wow, not me!

Me: Are you happy?

Hunter: Yes, I'm happy. I usually like whatever I am doing.

If you asked him what he loves to do he would rattle off a list something like this.

I love baseball, basketball, playing with my friends, golfing, video games, eating pancakes...lol...etc. His mind seems to only be thinking about what he is doing at the present moment. Not worrying about tomorrow, next month or next year. Wow, if only we could all have some of that!

I have read this quote many times and boy is it true. I tend to be anxious because I am thinking and worrying about what will happen in the future and most of the time I realize that when I get to that moment it was a lot of wasted energy.

Don't get me wrong! I do believe you do need to learn how to plan and think about your future but to experience "living in the moment' is when I think we feel most alive.

When I am in yoga class sometimes I forgot about everything! That feeling is amazing! I think most people if you are doing something you truly love to do this is when you experience this. I know I do!

This is why I think it's so important to teach kids they always need to take time to do something that they love because this is when you truly experience what "living in the moment is!"

And this is when we are truly "living with our light on!"



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