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Reflect through the phone

I know as a parent sometimes our kids phones (and ours) makes us cringe and want to throw them away but here is a great activity to do with your kids.

The other day I started scrolling through my photo's on my phone and it amazed me how much I have done this year. There were big highlights for me like starting Blue Spirit Kids and our family trip to England and France but there were so many other experiences that seem to slip my mind.

Our Family Trip to England & France this July

I had some random pictures that made me laugh. I took the kids to 7/11 for the free slurpee day and seeing this man eating his slurpee in a large popcorn bucket next to our car. Me & the kids laughed so hard I remember almost starting to cry. This was such a funny day and I can hear the laughter in my car just looking at this photo.

We have been lucky because every year my husband makes a photo book and gives it to me on Christmas day. We all sit around and spend a good amount of time going through the book of memories and every year someone says " I forgot about that or look how much we have done or grown this year."

This is one of my favorites of the year. This picture holds an array of different meanings for me. My daughter Kennedy took this photo of my son Hunter on the first day that we arrived in Pairs. Not only does is remind me how lucky we are that we could take our kids to Europe and how amazing our view was but it reminds me how much my daughter loves photography and it brings so much light to her life. It also captures Hunter perfectly. He loves robes. He wants to always be comfortable and loves the feeling of being wrapped up. It makes me smile to think of all the funny memories of him with his robe like the one time he had all his friends over and went upstairs and decided he was going to put his robe on while he was hanging out with his friends. This is when he got the nickname Hugh Hefner. If I let him I think he might want to wear his robe everywhere at this point in his life. It truly is amazing how one picture can bring up so many different memories and feelings.

December & January is a great time to plan and set goals for the future but also reflecting on the past year. If your kids have a phone encourage them to take lots of photos during the year. Take time to look back at all their photos or if they don't make sure you take lots of pictures to capture memories that sometimes will slip your mind. Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about the past year, the ups and the downs and the things they would like to improve on or change in the upcoming year. Ask them to pick their favorite one or two pictures of the year and tell you why they picked it. You could be really surprised!


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