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The Light you will find in the present moment!

Hy son, Hunter

Recently, while I was out running (yes, out running again) I was thinking about my son, Hunter. He will be turning thirteen next month and he is probably one of the most "living in the moment" person I know. He seems to not really worry about the past and doesn't seem to think about the future. As adults that might make you cringe a little and think that he needs to start setting goals at this age but if you met Hunter you might just say to yourself, I wish I could live that way for a moment. I'm sure there are times he thinks about the past or future but usually he just goes with the flow and seems happy in whatever he is doing.

Kennedy, Hunter and I were in the car the other day and I asked him this.

Me: Hunter, do you think about the future?

Hunter: No, not really.

Me: Do you think about the past?

Hunter: No, not really.

Kennedy: You don't think about what you want to do or have in the future? (her looking confused by his answers)

Hunter: No, not really. Only around Christmas time.

Kennedy: Wow, not me!

Me: Are you happy?

Hunter: Yes, I'm happy. I usually like whatever I am doing.

If you asked him what he loves to do he would rattle off a list something like this.

I love baseball, basketball, playing with my friends, golfing, video games, eating pancakes...lol...etc. His mind seems to only be thinking about what he is doing at the present moment. Not worrying about tomorrow, next month or next year. Wow, if only we could all have some of that!

I have read this quote many times and boy is it true. I tend to be anxious because I am thinking and worrying about what will happen in the future and most of the time I realize that when I get to that moment it was a lot of wasted energy.

Don't get me wrong! I do believe you do need to learn how to plan and think about your future but to experience "living in the moment' is when I think we feel most alive.

When I am in yoga class sometimes I forgot about everything! That feeling is amazing! I think most people if you are doing something you truly love to do this is when you experience this. I know I do!

This is why I think it's so important to teach kids they always need to take time to do something that they love because this is when you truly experience what "living in the moment is!"

And this is when we are truly "living with our light on!"




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